Purchase policy

Purchase Policy

1. General provisions

Biletmaster.ro is designed for the on-line ticket sale of tickets and season tickets of Romanian cultural and sports institutions distributed by Jegymester Kft. Selection and payment of the above tickets on the website of Jegymester Kft. (hereinafter Seller) and of the related bank respectively generates a purchase contract between Seller and the natural or legal person (hereinafter Buyer) settling the account, in Hungarian, English or Romanian language. Buyer, after registration and following the steps of purchase, accepts the terms and conditions of the above contract by clicking ’Pay’ on the page listing the details of the purchase. The contract is not a written contract therefore it is not filed. It is proved by the electronically saved data of the purchase.

2. Subject matter

Tickets and season tickets offered for selection and purchase by Seller. Details are available on respective pages of Seller’s site.

3. Identification of contracting parties

Seller’s website displays its logo and details as well as that of the partner institutions. Accountability for these purchases belong exclusively to the tickets and season tickets offered by partner institutions and purchased by Buyer through the above described website.

Seller performs the contract and makes out the bill according to the data provided by Buyer on the registration form. During registration Buyer can check and modify his data and he can do so following the registration as well, in the menu Modify personal data. Accountability for any sort of damage caused by the providing of wrong or false data is Buyers liability. Seller is entitled to cancel registration following the appearance of obviously wrong or false data and is permitted to control Buyer’s identity in case of doubt.

4. Pricing, payment and delivery

Prices of tickets and season tickets are indicated beside each item. Prices include VAT. Tickets shall be paid by credit card on the website of Buyer’s bank reached through Seller’s website. Seller is not accountable to any sort of damage caused by the malfunction of the bank's website. Biletmaster verifies the result of each transaction (may it be a successful or unsuccessful one) with an automatically generated confirmation e-mail and by displaying the result on its website in menu Previous purchases. The automatically generated confirmation e-mail sent to Buyer's registered e-mail address. Accountability for any sort of damage caused by the provision of wrong or false e-mail address is due to Buyer.

You can receive tickets as follows:

  • Personally, at the location indicated on the site ("How to receive your tickets"). The ticket receiving location also indicated on the voucher page which you receive at the end of your purchase.

Consult the Help menu for detailed manual to purchase tickets.

5. Self-print tickets

Self-print tickets are to be printed out by Buyer. These tickets cannot be collected at box offices, nor can they be received by postal delivery. The ticket, which has been printed out, is valid if the bar code and the code next to it can be recognised.

You can exchange only self-print tickets. Exchanging a higher price category ticket for a lower one (eg. weekend exhibition ticket for workday exhibition ticket) will result in the loss of the price difference. In case you exchange a lower price category ticket to a higher one you will be directed to the bank payment page to pay the difference with credit card. The above option is not available any more once you have used the ticket or exchanged it or once the deadline for exchange has expired. The deadline: for exhibition tickets it is the starting time of the time slot of the original ticket.

For all damages due to the loss, theft, wrong print and copy of tickets liability will fall on the Buyer.

6. Privacy

All personal details available to Seller will be used exclusively to perform transactions. No such information will be disclosed to third parties except the cultural institution whose ticket have been purchased by Buyer.

Jegymester Kft. is the owner of biletmaster.ro website (registered office: 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 31., Hungary, company registration number: 01-09-369537 tax number: 12033791-2-42.) The webshop is operated by Jegymester Ticketing System owned by Jegymester Kft. All data recorded in the system according to Data Management Policy of Jegymester Ltd. available here.

7. Complaint management

Buyer can contact Seller in Hungarian, Romanian or English language on office@tasz.ro e-mail address to make a complaint. E-mails are answered or the investigation of an eventual complaint is commenced within 72 hours. E-mails sent to office@tasz.ro address are sorted by status and filed electronically.

8. Miscellaneous

Seller offers the exclusive possibility of on-line purchase being thus unable to accept bookings either on phone or in e-mail. Tickets that have been purchased will not be refunded nor exchanged by Seller (for exception see point 5).

Cultural institutions reserve the right to modify their programme. In the event of alteration or cancellation of the programme tickets can be refunded or exchanged in the box office of said cultural institution.

Last updated: 25.05.2018.

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